Secretarial Services

In the current climate of increasing corporate governance and international regulations, organizations are increasingly aware of their obligations to meet statutory compliance requirements in all territories in which they operate.


Ensuring timely satisfaction of these obligations and having the ability to oversee and control statutory compliance present a significant challenge in terms of resources and costs.


Outsourcing their statutory compliance responsibility to specialized professionals means they can be assured of local compliance with the full range of statutory and commercial regulations, which is particularly important for those organizations entering new markets or territories. Besides, they can be kept abreast of the changing global compliance and regulatory environment and more effectively mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance.


We have experienced professionals to provide practical and effective assistance over the corporate secretarial functions to enable timely satisfaction of statutory compliance requirements. We strive to provide value-for-money services and solutions which are flexible and tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of the organization. We can help you in following matters;


    • Increasing company volume
    • Increasing in authorized and / or paid up capital
    • Change of name of Company
    • Change in object clause in Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Filing of statutory documents and returns
    • Advise on appropriate group structure and/or business entities to suit your needs
    • Assist in the formation of company, branch or representative office, or offshore company
    • Provide business correspondence or registered office address
    • Advise on corporate governance and compliance

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